Computer Networking

The term "computer network" can refer to anything from two computers connected together, to large-scale Local Area Networks (LANs), to the Internet itself - the "network of networks." This page offers a small collection of links to introductory and general resources on the topic.


Computer  Networking - Introduction to networking

CTC Apprenticeship Toolkit Trainer's Manual

Developed by: TechSoup/Compumentor Type of resource: PDF  file Target audience: General, Trainers Cost: Free  access

The Toolkit is designed for Community Technology Centres interested in  teaching their students desktop support and basic systems administration tasks  required for managing a lab. It does not include all that needs to be known  about all of the tasks related to systems administration, but provides a solid  foundation of best practices in this area.

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Sharing the Information: Networking Basics for Non-Profits

Developed by: onPhilanthropy Type of resource: Web  article Target audience: General Cost: Free access

Brief overview of basic terms and concepts.

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Ultimate Guide to Networking

Developed by: HardwareCentral Type of resource: Web-based  tutorials Target audience: General Cost: Free access

Introduction to networking, including local area networks, standard hubs,  bridges, routers and switches.

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Using Technology to the Fullest

Developed by: Nonprofit Helpdesk Type of resource: PDF Target audience: General Cost: Free access

Short, basic introduction to the possibilities of networks for  nonprofits.


Computer Networking -  General

Bandwidth optimisation training resources

Developed by: INASP Type of resource: Web site Target  audience: General, Trainers Cost: Free access

Briefing packs, workshop materials and information resources on bandwidth  optimisation.

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Planning a network installation

Developed by: Lasa Information Systems Team Type of  resource: Web guide Target audience: General Cost: Free  access

"This article provides practical advice to help address the needs of  organisations that have a network and are in the process of upgrading it. The  article should also be useful to organisations installing a network for the  first time."

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