Finding Information on the Internet

Finding useful information on the Internet requires a combination of familiarity with the search tools and resources available, an understanding of search strategies and language, and persistence. This ItrainOnline section aims to provide tools and resources to help guide you find the information you need, and to evaluate the quality of that  information. 

Internet and E-mail Basics

This section contains a number of resources on Internet and e-mail basics, selected for their clarity and ease of use. Topics covered range from general introductions to the Internet, to guidance on specific tools such as e-mail and web browsers.

Office Productivity

This section takes you to articles and tutorials which will help you use common office productivity software such as MS Word and Excel. You will also find information on Open Source alternatives to mainstream commercial software.

Computer Basics

Resources to help you understand how your computer works, how to maintain computers and use them safely, and how to protect your computer from viruses.