Databases - Introduction

Database planning guide

Developed by: CompuMentor Type of resource: MS Word document Target audience: General Cost: Free access

This guide from CompuMentor is designed to help small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations develop a database plan and purchase or build a database that meets their needs. The guide includes planning worksheets and tools for evaluating different database products.

Web Programming

Web programming allows you to add greater interactivity to the visitors of your site. This section will take you to resources ranging from basic topics such as javascript and style sheets (CSS) to programming languages such as PHP and ASP.

Wireless Networking

The high cost of conventional "wired" infrastructure is an obstacle to those looking to harness the potential of ICTs for development and social change. Wireless technologies offer tested, low-cost options to complement conventional infrastructure.

Computer Networking

The term "computer network" can refer to anything from two computers connected together, to large-scale Local Area Networks (LANs), to the Internet itself - the "network of networks." This page offers a small collection of links to introductory and general resources on the topic.

Online Security

This section points to materials which will be of use to both those new to online security and privacy issues, as well to more advanced users. Topics covered include viruses, network and server security, encryption, and Internet security in the workplace.